Summer Fun Activities for Adults

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Summer Activities List for Adults. If you can't find anything on this list - try another one of our fun lists.
All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended at all...ever.

Summer Fun Things to Do for Adults

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NOTICE: Laws differ from area to area. Depending on how overbearing your parents or your spouse is. You may need approval to do some of these activites. That is if you want to avoid sleeping on the couch or be left out of the will.

Play hooky from work

Kidnap your lover from work

Go to the race track to watch horse or dog racing

Go to a drive in movie - and sneak in friends

Go to a concert or outdoor music event

Go to an observatory for some connection with the sky

Be a Rock Star - Rent a limo and driver for a couple of hours

Attend a Street Market

The Spontaneous Bus Ride - Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring.

Living the Life - Test drive a really expensive car

Go to the Zoo

Urban Exploration - explore your own area

Give to others - Take your old clothes to a shelter

Compliment a stranger

Help Out - Volunteer for a marathon or similar event

Keep a water gun in your vehicle and have it loaded at all times

Get yourself in shape

Go people watching at an outdoor café.

Go to a football game

Go rode some go-karts

Find a cheesy mini golf

Go on a sightseeing plane ride

Find some street performers to entertain you

Do you have a bad weather forecast?
Here are some
fun places to go that are not affected by the weather

Fun Things to do to Relax

Watch the sunrise and or the sunset
Read on a park bench
Dream the afternoon away on a riverbank.
Find a hot tub
Do some yoga
Find a cool place to stretch
Hire a masseuse
Visit a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time
Pick somewhere to park your butt that is thought inspiring
Draw a Landscape
Feed the Ducks at the Park

Fun Things to do at the Park

Get Some Ice Cream
Take a book and relax
Walk barefoot
Do some people or bird watching
Walk a dog
Run around it
Eat some crap food at the concession
Play catch
Play a Board Game
Feed the pigeons
Go fly a kite
Have a picnic - get some wine
Play softball or baseball
Play touch or flag football

Summer Fun - Short Road Trips

Fill Your Tank - Drive until it is half gone and then turn around and come back.

Deluxe Road Trip Hire a chef, a motor home and go on a camping trip

Take a grandparent or senior out for a day trip

Pack a few things head to the airport and take a plane to anywhere. Sure you need some cash flow but the rewards can be immense.

Drive to another state

Go to a Bed and Breakfast

Visit a Beekeeper or a working farm

Drive to a big aquarium. If there are no aquariums - then go have some fish & chips.

Take a second honeymoon on a romantic holiday.

Go to a botanical garden and learn about some plats

Go to your nearest national forest or park

Take an RV trip

Go to the

Loner - Take a weekend trip all by yourself.

Be a tourist in the next closest town.

Take a train ride or a tram ride

Crazy Hotel - Spend a night in a themed hotel room

Go to the Grand Canyon or the nearest coastline

Go to a Waterslide

Go to a big museum

Go on a wine tasting tour

Go See a civil war reenactment

Ask a stranger on the street to recommend something interesting to do

Drive Back Country Roads with no Particular Destination

Go to the Fair

Its Tradition - Go to a specific kind of place in every nighborhood or town you visit. Have a Latte/go bowling/ play tennis - whatever you like.

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