Party Themes and Activities for Adults

Welcome to the "Fun Party Themes for Adults" party idea list. The purpose of this list is to inspire you to come up with your own party theme or combination of ideas for a unique memorable party.
These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Party Themes for Adults

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Three House Party
Have an appetizer at one neighbors, dinner at another neighbor's and then a different house for dessert.

Olympics Competition
Set up a series of events or obstacles courses. Only limited by your ability and imagination. Get people to compete on behalf of the country of their origin. Take it the extra step and arrange some medals for the awards ceremony.

Backyard Party
Bar B-Q Go traditional whether it I hot dogs or steaks. Include some rock n roll. This one is a must for all Backyard Vacations. This may be a daily occurrence.

Beach Party
Dress in shorts and flip flops – play beach music. Have beach balls Frisbees and coconut tanning oil. Have a clambake or a fish fry.

Block Party
Put up some pile-ons, block the street and tell the neighbors

Casino Night
Play cards or throw the dice, whatever you are into.

Kind of like a real tailgate party but there is no actual game. Just call it a tailgate party for the fun of it. Do all the things that you would do for a tailgate party but do them in your backyard. If there is a game that is just a bonus.

Cocktail Reception
Play fancy piano or jazz music. Ask the kids to be servers. Find a piece of red carpet. As guests arrive get people to act like the paparazzi and take pictures of them as they come up.

College Reunion
Get whomever you can from your college to come out and visit.

Independence Day
Celebrate your country's Independence day

Round the World Party
Have a potluck and ask people to bring a dish from their ethnic roots.

Christmas Party
Have a Christmas party when it is good and hot out.

Longest Day of the Year Party
We had a group of ten people do fun activities from sunrise to sunset. It was incredible. Include nap time.

Dog Party
Whether you have a dog or not, invite all the dogs and dog owners that you know.

Sports Party
Whether it is the Superbowl, the World Series or the Stanley Cup. It just an excuse to party - really.

Deck Party
Margaritas and...well need I say more? Just make sure them is some Caribbean or Jimmy Buffet Music. Serve Caribbean food.

If you have a pool to party you probably have been doing that for years. If you don’t you can beg a friend who does have one to let you use it for the day.

Dressup Parties and Costume Theme Ideas

Dress like your Favorite Animal Party
Always a great conversation starter

Business Active Wear

Set up an obstacle course and have your guests arrive in business attire that can be thrashed. It is pretty funny participating in sports in a dress or a suit.

Everybody in a Red Dress
I know this sounds a little weird but I have seen this theme work with amazing results.

Have a Costume Party
Seventies, Eighties, Pimp & Ho's, Elvis, Toga, Hollywood Look Alike, Sixties

This one involves some pineapples and some loud shirts. There will be bonus points for figuring out how to roast a pig. Get some Hawaiian music and tiki torches.

Mardi Gras
Buy a bunch of Mardi Gras beads at the costume store and get people to wear loud clothes. Play some good blues music and serve Gumbo.

Pajama Party Sleepover
This one is more for the kids but hey whatever floats your boat.

Pirate Party
Serve chicken and play rock music. Everyone should be able to speak pirate.

St. Patrick’s Day
Pretty Basic - Green beer and green clothes. Watch out for the leprechauns.

Ullr Party
Well maybe you have never heard of this dude but he is the Norse God of Snow. For skiers it is tradition to make offerings and pray to him for hopes of a great ski season. Offerings are usually old skis that are thrown onto a bonfire. Drink Schnopp's and wear viking horns on your head.

Party Theme Ideas for Food

Order some live lobsters from Maine - this one is a little pricy - either keep the party small or ask guests to pay their share

Serve it up in a big way and invite a bunch of neighbors over.


Order a bunch of pizza...duh. But if you can add a sporting activity like touch football or a baseball game before the pizza it could be a home run.

Potluck Pasta
Have everybody bring over a pasta salad and garlic bread. Get some dean martin music and a lot of candles

Afternoon Tea Party
Scones, sandwiches with the crust off and some fancy clothes and classical music

Wine and Cheese
Get some wine and cheese and eat, drink and be merry.

Chocolate Pot Luck
Have friends and neighbors over for a potluck chocolate dessert party.

A picnic with a plethora of Pork Products. Make it a potluck if you please.

All Chicken dishes. Great for a potluck as well. Not nearly as fun as a Porknic.

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