Fun Things at Work and Around the Office

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do at Work and Around the Office Ideas List". Fun can cheer up an office but it can also piss off an anal retentive manager. Make sure your workplace will not go ballistic if you attempt some of these activities. These ideas are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Things to do at the Office when Bored

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Meetings and around the Office

Ask one question in a blast email from this site... Then pick another one each day and repeat. Post the best answers on the bulletin board or leave them anonymous and see if staff can guess who answered what.

Do some crayon drawings and put them on the staff bulletin board when you are done.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Give anonymous gifts to people around the office

Have Office Meetings Outside the Office - at a park, picnic site or a bowling alley

Cheer up a Grouch - Send some flowers anonymously to the grouchiest person in the office

Basketball game - Throw crumpled up paper into the trash and keep score

Cool Pointer - Use a banana as a pointer at your next meeting.

I am Buying - Buy coffees or donuts for staff or coworkers

Give out awards for whatever you think is worth recognition. Silly awards are totally acceptable.

Lunch Activities

  • Have a Fondue
  • Make Some Smores
  • Have Swivel Chair Races at Work
  • Have a Photo Slide Show
  • Order Pizza
  • Potluck Pasta
  • Go for a Run
  • Go for a Picnic
  • Knock off a couple of errands
  • Play Fun questions
  • Do a yoga Class
  • Fitness Class
  • In Line Skating
  • Go for a walk
  • Sit on a bench at a park
  • Sit by some water

Social Activities for the Office or Work Place

Olympics - Set up a series of events or obstacles courses. Only limited by your ability and imagination. Take it the extra step and arrange some medals for the awards ceremony.

Go Bowling

Celebrate an accomplishment as a team

Donate Blood

Play Fly on the Wall - Try and ducttape someone to a wall. Best to try this with comeptitive teams

Get a Foosball , ping pong or billiards table for the staff room

See if the staff wants to volunteer for a charity event

Play Twister

Have a Limbo Contest

Have a Paper Airplane Distance Contest

Play Paintball

Photography - Get everyone to express the same emotion in a picture. Anger, confusion, glee, uneasiness, seduction etc..

Tricycle Races - Kids or adults can have fun this one. Make sure everybody wears a helmet.

Practical Jokes and Pranks for the Office

  • Voice Activated Photocopier - Put up a sign on your photocopier that says it is now voice activated.
  • Change the Speed Dial Settings - on a co workers phone
  • Did You Email me? - Send odd emails from other peoples computers – Pretend you are them
  • Show the Secret Love - Send anonymous secret admirer notes to someone.
  • Water the Fake Office Plants.
  • Get a Whoopee Cushion

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